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tmall - china's leading   shopping destination for brand-name goods and quality.

  The online landmark of shoppingin in China dedicat  to provid the excellent shopping experience with . Taobao was launchede tmall in 2008, April  to complement its consumer-to-consumer  marketplace. It  became  independent  in Jun, 2011 - open tmal  business-to-consumer  platform. presents itself as the firm for quality, brand-name goods serving to increasingly sophisticated Chinese consumers. It's the most visited website according to Alexa online in China.

Chinese brands established more than 70,000 retail storefronts on including international brands as well in March 2013. You can find there such brands as UNIQLO, adidas, L’Oréal, Unilever, P&G, Ray-Ban, Gap, Levi's and Nike. offers several kinds of products with customized customer services. It includ Home Furnishing mall; Consumer Electronics mall; Designer Footwear mall; Book mall; and Beauty mall.

Taobao Marketplace and
set a record. The highest volume of single-day transaction during a special promotion on 11 November , 2013, was more than 35 billion that day. The combined GMV (gross merchandise volume) of two platforms exceeded 1 trillion for the 2013 year.


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