Juhuasuan - Мир Мебели

Juhuasuan is a business within Alibaba Group

Juhuasuan - complex group of e-commerce shopping platform in China.

Juhuasuan www.juhuasuan.com is a complex group of the shopping platform in China. Taobao launched Juhuasuan platform in 2010 of March. It became independent in 2011 of October. The mission of Juhuasuan is to offer a huge selection of high quality merchandise and services of local lifestyle at discounted prices to consumers.


Alibaba's Group in a e-commerce business  are sure, you will be happy with purchases in juhuasuan online store!

Juhuasuan is Alibaba Group's e-commerce business.

All Alibaba group e-commerce shops  you can find in the catalog and on the official websites.

Official site is http://www.juhuasuan.com

e-commerce shops:

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